5 Things Every Beginner Guitar Player Should Know

Most beginners make a lot of mistakes when starting to play the guitar, and i know that because i used to be the same. The guitar is simple to play, but i still have some tips and tricks for you so you can be efficient at playing it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 things every beginner guitar player should know, and if you follow them, you will be able to play the guitar like a professional. So let’s start, should we?

If you are a new guitar player or you’ve been playing a guitar for a while, and you are still having issues, then you’ve come to the right place, because in this article i will be talking about the 5 most important things every guitar player on the world should know, even if you are an experienced player.

1. You Were Not Born As a Guitar Player

No one in this world is born with a guitar talent, it takes some practice to learn it. So, before you touch the guitar, remember that. If you don’t understand this concept, then you will probably fail to learn to play the guitar, because I’ve seen it happen over and over again, but there are also people that accept that they don’t have talent, and they become perfect with practice.

Nobody is born with talent. Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Lionel Messi, take a look at them. If you take a look back at the history of these people, i can assure you at some point of their life they were terrible at what they did. You basically can’t name anyone who wasn’t terrible at something when they first started.

People say you need talent for being a good musician, but i am completely against that statement, and i believe that with practice you can become a good guitar player, not because of talent or luck. If you look up any guitar player, and play their songs from 20 years ago and their new ones, you will notice a difference. Even professionals can improve. There is always room for improvement.

2. Your Hands Are Not Too Small

I’ve seen and heard people say “My hands are too small, i don’t have giant hands to be able to play a guitar” etc…

When you first start playing the guitar, it will take time for you to get used to it, and when you get used to it, you won’t ever have any problems. Let’s take jazz players as an example. Most of them have very small hands and very small fingers, but most of them can also do phenomenal things with their instruments. When you learn to use your hand on your guitar, all of a sudden you will feel like your hand is not small anymore.

The way you put your fingers into the guitar is an unnatural stance, that’s why it will feel weird in the beginning but as you do it more and more, it will magically fade away and you will get used to it!

3. Fingering Techniques

This is also very important. In this article i will talk shortly about the most important fingering techniques.

Make sure you play with your finger tips. Do not play with the pads, because they don’t count as fingertips. It will take time to get used to it, but believe me this part is guitar finger curlingvery important, because by using only your fingertips, you will be able to play the notes more precisely and make less mistakes. Of course, in the beginning mistakes happen, but by practice you won’t have them anymore.

Curle your last finger knuckle – This is also very important, and you should get used to it, because when you start playing harder types of songs where you require to play faster and switch
notes faster, curling your finger knuckle will be needed a lot. If you don’t the sound will sound very low quality and this is not what you want, correct?

Make sure your thumb is on the back of the neck – Please, always make sure you do that if you’re a beginner. You might see the most professional guitar players do not do that, but as i said, they are professionals and they’ve been playing for a long time, so it’s not a problem for them. Having your thumb behind the neck of the guitar can be very uncomfortable, but trust me, you must learn to do it.

guitar thumb positionA lot of people use excuses like this one for not playing a guitar, but this is definitely not a valid excuse. I’ve seen people with disabilities play guitar better than people with two arms, so your thumb being a little uncomfortable is not an excuse at all.

So, why should you keep your thumb behind the heck of your guitar? This is because it will give you more room to move your fingers, and it will make your hand feel bigger. If you have a guitar next to you, try it and you will see what i am talking about.

4. Picking Technique

Resting Your Pick – So this is a great technique that i found by watching some videos, and i tried it myself and it was a great tip. This makes the sound of the guitar sound much better, and makes it sound softer.

So, how is this done?

When you first start playing the guitar with a pick, you will probably pick the string and move the guitar pick away from it, but what you have to do is, after you pick the string, rest it on the next string. Here is a YouTube video explaining how to do it.

This is not very important, but you might already know that you will do everything in this world how you learn to do it in the beginning, so make sure to learn the proper way of picking the strings, because if you get used to the old method, it will be hard to switch to the correct one.

5. Choosing The Correct Guitar

If you’re a beginner, you probably need a guitar to start with. Most people go shopping for guitars without knowing much about them, and when they do that, they buy the wrong ones. This causes them to lose motivation and stop playing the guitar altogether.

When you plan to buy a new guitar, you should look at the string types, the body/back wood type, the neck type etc, not just the color of the guitar and how beautiful is it. You can check out our detailed article about the best acoustic guitars for beginners, and read carefully before you make a choice.


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