Best Electric Guitars For Beginners with Reviews

The requests for this topic have been huge, so we decided to make a best electric guitars for beginners list and check out our favorite guitars in this category. The list will be based on the quality, the popularity, the price and our personal rating about each one. We will be reviewing 7 of them, and list the pros and the cons about each of them.

Electric guitars are great instruments for both beginners and advanced players. Did you know that it is easier to learn to play the guitar with an electric one rather than an acoustic? This has been proven by many people however electric guitars require much more equipment and are harder to carry around, and they are usually more expensive. If you want to get an acoustic guitar, you can check out our similar article for acoustic guitars. Please note that this list will be in no particular order, and all of them have almost the same performance.

Let’s get started and see the best electric guitars.

The 7 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners

7. C-1 SGR by Schecter Review

c1 sgr by schecterLet’s start this list with the C1 SGR. Schecter is a very famous and reputable brand when it comes to electric guitars, and they’ve been in the electric guitar business for over 35 years and counting. What i love mostly about them is that they use high quality material on both of their cheap and expensive guitars, and they always produce high quality products at the end.

This guitar comes with a great looking gig bag, which is made out of quality material and its not heavy like the other electric guitar bags.

The neck of this guitar is made out of maple wood, the fingerboard is rosewood and the body is made out of basswood. They basically used many different types of wood to produce this one, and i think it was a great success.  We mentioned in our how guitars are made article that one of the best materials for making fingerboards is rosewood, and as i mentioned above, Schecter loves to make guitars out of high quality material.

The Schecter C-1 SGR is a great option for people that love metal music, because it has been designed especially for them, so if you love metal and want to learn to play the guitar, then this would be a great option for you, because it is very cheap and has a lot of beginner features. It basically has everything that a beginner would want from a guitar. It’s very beautiful, very strong and can be used for playing on gigs.

6. Les Paul Standard Review

les paul standardThe Les Paul Standard is an expensive guitar for most beginners, but if you have some money then this will be a great choice for you, even if you are a beginner. This guitar looks and feels great on the hands, but there is a small problem with it because it’s a bit heavier than others. The heaviness shouldn’t be a worry because if you’ve been playing a guitar for a long time, then you probably know that the harder the wood, the higher the tone will be.

The fretboard of this guitar is made out of rosewood the top part is made out of maple and lastly the body is made out of great quality mahogany wood.

I was amazed at how good this guitar sounds to the ear. Most electric guitars sound is harsh and doesn’t sound that good, but the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is completely different. What i like a lot about this guitar is that you can play any type of music with it, and it will always sound good.

You can grab this guitar if you want a guitar that will last for a long time, since this guitar is made of quality material that is very durable. Overall it’s a great choice for both beginners and advanced players, and it is suitable for any type of music. This is a great guitar that offers a lot of things that guitars in the ~$3000 range do, in a much cheaper price.

5. Fender Standard Telecaster Review

fender standard telecaster guitarThe Fender guitars are very famous, both the acoustic and the electric ones. They are famous for a reason, and the reason is quality. I’ve always loved the looks and the ‘strong’ feeling of these guitars. The fender standard telecaster comes in many different colors such as: Arctic white (one of my favorites), Brown Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue etc, and in my opinion all of them look great.

The neck of this guitar is made out of maple wood, and it’s very smooth and fast which means it’s very easy to play. That’s one of the main reasons this guitar is on the best electric guitars for beginners list. The electronics on this guitar are not complicated and can be manipulated by anyone. All you have to use are the pickup selector, the tone control knob and the volume knob.

Overall it’s a great looking guitar made out of quality material. You can also use this guitar easily as a decoration to your room, because i really think that it’s very beautiful. It’s a good choice for beginners, and if you have the money for it then go for it, but if not, check out our other guitars.

I would also like to warn you that if you plan to purchase a guitar for playing metal, then this guitar won’t be a good option for you, because it’s hard to get metal sounds of this guitar. This guitar is mostly made for calmer songs like blues, country and maybe some jazz.

It has everything you need, keep in mind, you can never go wrong with a quality Fender.

4. ESP MH-50 Black Review

esp mh 50 black reviewAnother great quality guitar that deserves to be on the best electric guitars list that almost the same as the C-1 SGR which is ranked #7 in this list. This type of guitars are my favorite ones, because they can be fitted into any ambient. The dark color on this guitar is one of the best black colors you will see and the body has an amazing shape.

The guitar’s body is made out of quality basswood, which is a famous material for making electric guitar bodies. The neck is made out of maple and the fingerboard is pure rosewood which has 24 jumbo frets in it, which give an amazing feel to your fingers and your hand.

The sound of this guitar is amazing for almost all types of music. If you’re a metal fan, then this will be a great choice for you. Not all guitars can handle death metal or Metallica type of music, but the ESP MH-50 is perfect for that type of music. Surprisingly, the acoustic version of this guitar was really good too and i did not expect it at all. I tried playing a nirvana song for fun with this guitar and the outcome was amazing.

Overall i can say that it’s a great guitar and can be a good choice for beginners, since it is not very expensive and can play almost any song in any rock genre. In my personal opinion, just the look of this guitar is worth the current price it has, so i’d say definitely go for it!

3. Epiphone G-310 Review

epiphone g310 guitar reviewAt number 3 we have another great Epiphone guitar, and i think it deserves to be on this list because it has a lot of features which other guitars don’t.

The fingerboard, like in all other guitars is made out of rosewood, the body and the neck are made out of Mahogany. The Ebony finish combined with the SG style body gives this guitar a great overall look which satisfied a lot of people during the reviews.

The sound quality is very good, and this guitar can be used for playing many different genres of music, such as blues, hard rock, metal and can adapt to almost all other modern vibes. The richness of the sound makes this guitar a great one and the solos come out pretty clean and quality.

Since it’s made of quality material, the guitar is very durable. So if you are a nervous person which get’s mad often, then this guitar can be your good buddy since it will not break that easily, and the sound of it won’t change every time you drop it accidentally.

Since the price of this guitar is very low compared to other electric guitars, people don’t expect much from this guitar, but they always end up surprised because trust me, this guitar has a lot to offer. Of course this guitar can’t be the same as a $3000 Gibson, but this can be a great cheap alternative to them which isn’t much different form it. Overall it’s a great guitar if you love to play metal and play on gigs.

2. Epiphone-g-400 Pro Review

epiphone g400 pro reviewOkay so this guitar definitely deserves to be on our best electric guitars for beginners list, and once again, it’s an epiphone guitar. Almost all Epiphone guitars are very good and very quality and that’s the reason a lot of them are on this list.

The design, the color and the comfort of this guitar is amazing. You can play this guitar for 4-5 hours without stopping and it still won’t become uncomfortable. People say the guitar is heavy, but i think it’s actually lighter than most of the electric guitars in this price range. The cherry color looks amazing on the body of the guitar and the shape of it is unique.

Like other guitars, the neck and the body of the G 400 are made out of mahogany wood, while the fingerboard is made of rosewood. As you may know by now, rosewood fingerboards are really easy on the fingers and make hand movements very smooth.

The sound is high quality and better than most of the guitars in this price range, but again, of course you can’t compare it to the $3000 Gibsons because the difference is very big and noticeable. You can play any type of rock with this guitar, including jazz and blues.

I would say that with this guitar you get more than what you pay for. It’s a great option for beginners that need an affordable electric guitar and that isn’t made of low quality wood that will break in a few months. This guitar is very durable and can handle most drops and other accidents.

1. Yamaha Pacifica 112V Review

yamaha-pacifica-112v-reviewTo finish up our list, we have a Yahama guitar. Yamaha is good at making both electric and acoustic guitars. This guitar is on the number 1 spot because it literally is impressing. It has everything that a beginner or an advanced player would want in a guitar, and the best part of it is that it comes with an extremely affordable price tag.

The Pacifica 112V has an alder body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The overall look of this guitar is stunning and it can fit in any ambient. It comes in different colors, but the red one is the best one in my opinion.

It’s a perfect match for almost any kind of music. You can play rock, blues, jazz, metal and even heavy metal, but other genres like thrash metal or death metal can’t be played by this guitar. You can play for long hours on the guitar and you won’t get tired, because the shape of this guitar will let you be very comfortable while playing it. As you might know electric guitars are very heavy, but in this one this is not the case and i can say that it’s a good choice.

The only downside of this guitar is that it doesn’t come with a guitar case, so you will have to buy one separately if you decide to grab the Yamaha Pacifica 112V. Overall it’s an amazing guitar with a very cheap price tag, and i think that it’s a good choice for all beginners, no matter what kind of music you are into.

Which Is The Best Electric Guitar?

Every guitar in the list above is a great choice if you are a beginner. All of the guitars have been tested and reviewed carefully to make it to this list, so you can rest assured that you can buy any of these and not regret it the next day. If you really are into music, then you will fall in love with whichever of these guitars you decide to purchase, especially if you are a beginner. If you want my personal suggestion, i would say go with the #2 guitar which is the Epiphone G400 guitar, because if we compare it with the other guitars the price and the functionality is better.

If you’ve read our article on the best electric guitars for beginners and still don’t know if you want an acoustic or an electric guitar, you can read our article on Electric vs Acoustic guitars.

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