Fender CD-60 Guitar Review


fender-cd-60-reviewThe Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar is a very eye catching guitar in every aspect. We were very impressed with the overall look and performance of this guitar, and we decided to dedicate a blog post for this guitar.

A Popular Choice

This guitar comes with a beautiful hard shell case, which is rare on most of acoustic guitars because they usually come with bags instead of cases. The case of this guitar is high quality but it’s a bit heavier than the normal guitar bags which is very normal.

The looks are also great in my opinion, and the finish on this guitar is just amazing. This guitar is almost completely made with laminated mahogany, and that is the main reason why this guitar has such a beautiful look. The neck is also mahogany and it has a 20 fret fingerboard . Like all other acoustic guitars in this price range, the fretboard is made of high quality rosewood which will let you slide your hand up and down the fingerboard very easily.

Another very important thing in guitars is the comfort. This guitar was not comfortable at first, but you get used to it by time, so if you are a beginner you might have a hard time with it when you first start playing, but you should get used to in in 1-2 weeks maximum.

If you’ve had an acoustic guitar, you’ve probably noticed that acoustic guitars sound better as the time passes but this guitar’s sound is pretty amazing from the day you take it out of the box. It’s really good for playing calm music and it has a full and bright tone. The sound of this guitar is probably better than 80{3a479ab343dc8dfb999d2f94419cb02d8e285a7eb943adea142a5da5f97134a3} of the guitars on this price range and i would say it’s a perfect choice if you are a beginner or if you want to add an acoustic guitar to your collection.

Fender did a great job with the CD-60 on its durability. Since mahogany is a quality wood and it doesn’t break easily, the guitar is obviously the same and i don’t think it will mess up your shows orfender cd 60 body gigs in any way, because it’s not a type of guitar that will break for no reason in the middle of your performances. So, overall it’s a very durable guitar but the strings will wear out after playing for a few months, but that’s normal and happens to almost every guitar our there. You can grab another pair of cheap strings and replace them and you’re good to go!


To conclude this review, i would like to say that i was overall impressed with the quality and looks of this guitar, and i think it’s a good option for beginners that want to start learning to play the guitar by themselves, because it can handle a lot of beginner mistakes. It will be hard to find a better guitar than this in this price range, so you should definitely take a look at this guitar, and if you definitely plan to buy one, this guitar can be a great option for you which you probably won’t regret.

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