Martin Dreadnought Junior Guitar Review


martin dreadnought junior reviewToday we are going to have a look at the Martin Dreadnought Junior guitar and we are going to review it. When this guitar first came out around a year ago a lot of people were skeptical about this guitar, because it was weird to make a 15-16 size dreadnought guitar, but when people started buying it and testing it, they started liking it and said that it is a perfect travel guitar and perfect for people that are smaller and can’t handle a full sized dreadnought guitar, or kids that are just starting to play the guitar.

It comes with a great nylon gig bag, which is very easy to carry and fits the guitar perfectly. Both the guitar and the bag are very light.


A Great Sounding Guitar

The Martin Dreadnought Jr sounds really good, and what i love about it is that it retains the overall shape of the dreadnought, but also it retains its tonal characteristics. This guitar is pretty loud, and has a great volume, but it also has really wonderful bass response which dreadnoughts are known for.

As i mentioned above, this is a 15-16 size dreadnought body, which is paired with a 24-inch scaling so it’s very comfortable in your hand and pretty easy to play as well. It’s martin dreadnought headnice to hold this guitar and it doesn’t move around a lot. Overall comfort is great in this guitar, and you probably know that comfort is one of the most important things a guitar should have.

On the top of the guitar we have a solid sitka spruce top which is paired with X bracing that is a quarter inch and scalloped, so the top is braced pretty lightly and it’s very responsive and it reacts really well with the scale length and the size of the guitar. I think this is a great match.

The back and the sides of this guitar are made out of sapele. The bridge is rich light matched with a tusk saddle, and the fingerboard is a black rich color with a small dot inlay read the full info here. If you are not familiar with Rich light, it’s an ebony alternative, which is a very durable substance and makes a great replacement for fingerboards and bridges.

The headstock is a standard style Martin headstock, which has closed gear tuners and a flat C profile neck, which is very comfortable to hold and its not too thin.

Overall the Martin Dreadnought Junior guitar is a complete grand slam in our opinion, and it comes equipped with the Fishman solid tone pickup system, so if you take it on travel and you want to hit an open mic, you can just plug in and play easily.


To finish it all up, i would say this is a great choice for both advanced and beginner players, but if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest a lot of money into your first guitar, then you can check out our beginner guitars page and find a guitar that suits your needs. On the other hand if you are advanced and want to take your playing to the next level, then you should definitely consider grabbing a Martin Dreadnought Junior guitar!

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