Taylor 114CE Guitar Review


taylor 114ce reviewThe Famous Taylor Guitar

Today we are going to review Taylor’s most popular guitar, the Taylor 114CE. This guitar sits on the lower level of taylors price range but it’s definitely a mid-level guitar in the whole span of guitars that you will run into, and as far as the ease of play and tone, it’s a great option.

On the Taylor 114ce we have a solid sitka spruce top with an ebony bridge, we have a tusk saddle and underneath the sitka spruce top we have a forward shifted x-brace pattern which adds to the low end. On the back and sides of this guitar you will see layered sapele or laminate, and we also have an ebony fingerboard with dot inlay, a rosewood overlaid head stock with the “Taylor” logo right on the top, then we have the chrome tuners and a super comfortable neck which is made out of sapele too.

This guitar is absolutely an awesome instrument in its price range and that’s the reason it’s one of the Taylor’s most popular guitars.

The guitar comes with a padded gig bag, but if you purchase this guitar, i would suggest you to purchase a hard-case, because the Taylor 114ce is an expensive guitar and you don’t want something bad to happen to it, do you?

I would also like to mention that the Elixir nano strings that come with this guitar are one of the best quality strings you can find in the market, and they are very durable and aren’t hard on the fingers like most of bronze/steel strings. Replacing the Elixir strings might be a bit more expensive, but i would say it’s worth it.

It sounds very good and i think that it sounds exactly like an acoustic guitar should sound. It’s great for playing a lot of different types of rock genres and it is a good choice for playing in any ambient. The sound is very rich and bright. Basically this guitar’s sound can be easily compared to guitars that are in the $2000-$3000 price range easily, and i can say that this guitar is definitely in the top 5 of this price range for the quality of sound.

If you are a beginner guitar player, this guitar might sound a bit expensive for you, and i agree with you. I would suggest this guitar only to people that are more advanced and that have tried cheaper guitars. If you are a beginner and are determined to learn to play it professionally, then go for it, since it will last you for years and it’s a good professional guitar. The only reason i’m not suggesting this to beginners is because most of them quit after a month, and wasting all that money after just a month of playing is not very nice, is it?


To conclude everything, i would say this guitar is a great option for advanced guitar players, but not for complete beginners that haven’t picked up a guitar before in their life. This guitar basically has everything you might want from a guitar. It has a great overall look, great material quality, amazing sound and much more. This is Taylor’s best product so far in this price range!

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