Yamaha FG700S Guitar Review


yamahaTo start review, i would say the Yahama FG700S is a great guitar for beginners, students or young people that can’t afford or don’t want an expensive guitar, because you get value from this one. In my opinion, this guitar is easily a rival to guitars that cost twice as much, because it looks and sounds great.

Nato Wood..?

This guitar comes with the solid sitka spruce top, which is a common material used for acoustic guitars. The sides & the back of this guitar are made out of Nato wood, which is pretty uncommon and that is basically a collective name for wood that is collected from Mora trees, you can read more about that <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nato_wood”>here. Both the bridge & the fretboard are made of rosewood.

What i liked the most about this guitar is the die-cast tuners, which feel and perform as the ‘expensive’ kind and i can say that you can compare them with other tuners on more expensive guitars. The strings are also very soft on this guitar, which is a very good sign for beginners because on other guitars the strings are ‘harder’ and that causes your fingers to be sore and they might hurt a bit, but with the FG700s, you won’t have that problem.

I also love the sound of this guitar, and you can play many different kinds of genres with it very loud and clearly because it’s suitable for all of them. It produces very Yamaha FG700S Bodywarm and full tones that suit any type of music. This guitar is known because of the quality sound it produces and i would highly recommend this guitar for all beginners because you get amazing sound for a low price.

The rich sound this guitar produces is perfect for playing relaxing & calm acoustic songs, but is not suggested for metal and other things. For playing metal you should check out electric guitars article.

Yamaha is known to make guitars out of quality material, and they continued the trend with the FG series. The guitar is pretty durable and can survive for a very long time, even if you are a person that is not very careful towards that kind of stuff.


Most professional guitar players keep 2-3 guitars to play different types of music, but when you have the Yamaha FG700s you don’t need to purchase anything else. This guitar can be used basically for anything. You can use it for learning to play it, you can use it to play songs that require experience etc. It basically can do most of the stuff that expensive guitars do, but in a much cheaper and affordable price tag.

So to conclude this review, if you are really looking to buy a guitar, then you should definitely buy a guitar that will last you for a long time and that is a high quality one, and i think that the Yamaha FG700S will do all of that for you.

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